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T&J Performance Center is now bigger than ever! Our twelve thousand square foot facility includes a manufacturing and fabrication department, ten full service bays and a trained staff of caring enthusiasts. T&J Performance Center has been in business for the past 25 years and have been involved in various off road race classes for the past ten years. We are current memebers of ORBA, CORVA, ASA and an authorized Jeepspeed Dealer. Please feel free to drop by and take a look at our showroom or give us a call. 1002 W. Collins Ave, Orange, CA, 92867

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If you haven’t noticed yet, this issue is chock-full of all kinds of budget lifts. We know it’s a tough economy so we’re doing what we can to help you find bargains to get your truck performing better off-road. We found another great deal through Rough Country, a 2-inch leveling kit for the Chevy/GMC 4WD 1500 pickup that retails for under $200.

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4 Wheel Drive and Sport Utility – The T&J Flagship

Posted by T&J Performance On November - 8 - 2010

Untitled Document

2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

Desert Speed, Family Capacity, And Crawl-Ability
From the December, 2010 issue of 4Wheel Drive & Sport Utility
By Kevin Blumer

Photography by Kevin Blumer

High-velocity Jeeps were a relatively unknown phenomenon just a few years ago. Many thought that the term “Jeepspeed” was nothing short of an oxymoron. No matter. Mike Barnett, Tom Barnett, and the rest of the crew at T&J Performance Center simply lowered their heads and kept building Jeep after Jeep that worked at high speed as well as in low range. Many of these fast-and-slow Jeeps were XJ Cherokees built for competition in the Jeepspeed series.

When the four-door JK Wrangler appeared in 2007, Mike and Tom saw much more than a traditional backcountry explorer in the offing. “When the four-door JK came out, we knew we needed to get one for the shop,” Mike Barnett revealed. “The wheelbase lends itself to be perfect in both slow and faster applications. With four doors, there’s more utility and it’s more family-friendly. On top of that, it’s an ideal recon vehicle for our race team, and it makes a reliable prerunner.”

A once over of the T&J JK reveals a variety of mods that work well by themselves. When combined on the same vehicle, they take it “from a boy to a man,” as Mike said.


Vehicle: 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK Unlimited

Owner: T&J Performance Center

Hometown: Orange, California

Engine: 3.8L V-6

Induction: Stock EFI

Transmission: Stock automatic

Transfer Case/Low Range Ratio: NVG241OR/4:1

Front End: Stock Dana 44 with Barnett gusset kit

Rear End: Stock Dana 44 with Barnett gusset kit

Ring And Pinion: 5.38

Front Differential: Stock E-locker

Rear Differential: Stock E-locker

Suspension: Rubicon Express 4.5-inch long-arm, Bilstein 9100 bypass shocks, Barnett shock mounts. Front Travel: 12 inches. Rear Travel: 11 inches.

Tires: 37-inch Goodyear MT/R with Kevlar

Wheels/Backspacing: 17×8 Pro Comp Series 6089/4.5 inches

Bummer: Lack of power from the stock V-6. A Hemi swap or an ATK stroker V-6 may be in this Jeep’s future

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4Wheel & Off-Road – Leaf Spring Basics

Posted by T&J Performance On October - 18 - 2010
More Simple Driveway Tech
From the September, 2008 issue of 4Wheel & Off-Road
By Kevin McNulty
Photography by Kevin McNulty

Leaf springs represent a proven technology that works exceptionally well. When they’re properly designed and installed, they can produce a highway ride as smooth and as comfortable as a coil-sprung vehicle. The off-highway ruggedness, durability, and performance of leaf springs, especially for rockcrawling, have been proven time and again, and they are able to endure extreme punishment under harsh conditions while offering exceptional articulation.

Compared to modern vehicles and trick coilover suspension systems, leaf springs don’t look as high-tech and as fancy, but there’s a great deal of science behind their design. The leaf spring dates back hundreds of years. The modern leaf spring was invented in the early 1800s, automobiles were manufactured with them until 1989, and they are still used today on trucks, trains, and heavy-duty applications.

Just about anyone with moderate mechanical skills can replace a set of leaf springs. It’s a swap that can easily be completed in the driveway, and we could fill volumes with leaf-spring science, progressive rates, tuning, axlewrap, and do’s and don’ts. While we were at T&J Performance Center in Orange, California, we watched as they replaced a set of leaf springs on an old worn-out Jeep CJ.

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Thanks, Please help the families of the California 200

Posted by T&J Performance On August - 15 - 2010

Fast-Aid is grieving with the rest of the off-road community in light of last night’s horrific accident at the MDR California 200 in Lucerne. Fast-Aid was born out of the need for rapid assistance for the families of racers, crews, photographers and spectators after tragedies such as this. Fast-Aid is partnering with several off-road news and media outlets to coordinate donations to assist the families and more information can be found by visiting our website at If you are donating specifically to help the California 200 victims, please note “California 200” on your donation and 100% of the funds received will be applied to assisting their families in this difficult time. Donations are tax-deductible.

Off-Road Magazine – 1992 Jeep Cherokee – Two Face

Posted by T&J Performance On August - 12 - 2010

Desert Racing As Simple As 1, 2, 3

From the January, 2010 issue of Off-Road

By Jordan May

Photography by Jordan May

Have you always dreamt of desert racing but couldn’t afford it? The Jeepspeed Challenge may be the hot ticket into your dream seat. In three simple steps you can be out there racing in one of the biggest classes running. Step one: find an ’84-to-’01 Jeep Cherokee XJ (much like this ’92) online, anywhere from $500-$2,000. Step two: take your truck to the guys at T&J Performance in Orange, California, and drop about $10,000 in parts on their Jeepspeed Products Kit. Step three: sign up for a race and go for it!

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4Wheel & Off-Road – Hydraulic Bumpstops

Posted by T&J Performance On August - 12 - 2010

Neat New & Basic
From the February, 2009 issue of 4Wheel & Off-Road
By Jerrod Jones
Photography by Jerrod Jones

Like any other act of evolution, your suspension can only stay the same for so long before you start tinkering. Whether it be a bolt-on kit or a custom job, you’ll probably look and (if not immediately) eventually find little ways your spring stuff can be improved. One of the biggest little improvements we’ve experienced a before-and-after with are hydraulic bumpstops. Hydraulic bumpstops like these Bilstein units (or air bumps as they are inappropriately nicknamed) have large shafts that can travel 4 inches up into their own bodies before stopping. They are pressurized with nitrogen (via a Schraeder valve on top) to your desired rate and get progressively stiffer as they compress and the cavity above the bumpstop’s piston gets smaller (creating greater pressure to deflect the compression as it compresses). And, no, we really can’t make a comparison with urethane bumpstops: they’re not even in the same league.

Hydraulic bumpstops were derived for the race scene, but in the last five or so years have made an exaggerated leap in placement on off-road toys and street-legal trucks that are greatly benefiting from the extra mod. T and J Performance has seen this trend and responded with reasonably priced hydraulic-bumpstop installation kits for the popular XJ Cherokees (and Comanches) that everyone seems to be buying up nowadays. We went to check out a front kit being installed. Though the kit is very simple and straightforward, it’ll require some welding skills to place.

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Off-Road Magazine 2003 Jeep Wrangler TJ – Flight of the TJ

Posted by T&J Performance On August - 12 - 2010

Jeepspeed Adds to the Fold
From the October, 2007 issue of Off-Road
By Kevin Blumer
Photography by Kevin Blumer

“Like sequels to a successful film, Jeepspeed’s lineup has expanded to include several additional Jeep models. Have you got an old J10 pickup that’s begging to get flogged in the dirt? Jeepspeed’s got a class for that. Has the new-car smell long since wafted away from your Grand Cherokee, making it ripe for a rebirth as a racer? Jeepspeed’s got a class for that too. Finally, if you’ve got a TJ Wrangler that’s begging to go faster, you’ll find a newly built home for it in the Jeepspeed series.”

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2005 Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee – Clive Skilton

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