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T&J Performance Center is now bigger than ever! Our twelve thousand square foot facility includes a manufacturing and fabrication department, ten full service bays and a trained staff of caring enthusiasts. T&J Performance Center has been in business for the past 25 years and have been involved in various off road race classes for the past ten years. We are current memebers of ORBA, CORVA, ASA and an authorized Jeepspeed Dealer. Please feel free to drop by and take a look at our showroom or give us a call. 1002 W. Collins Ave, Orange, CA, 92867

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T&J Featured General Tire Advertisement

Posted by T&J Performance On August - 29 - 2011

Thanks General Tire

Fitting a Poison Spyder Stinger on a 66 CJ5

Posted by T&J Performance On May - 18 - 2011

So how do you fit a Poison Spyder Stinger on a 1966 CJ5 Tuxedo Park?? Well you Bring it to T&J of course… Our long time customer Herb has been building his CJ for a while now and we have been lucky enough to be doing some work on this classic CJ.

–For you CJ fans out there AMC only made about 350 of this model for a total of 3 years.–

Now Herb has had a dream for this vehicle from the get go and this time it involved a stinger, euro grill guard and a winch. Now being an early CJ5 he knew that finding a stinger for his jeep wouldn’t be easy but the guys a Poison Spyder said if he bought the stinger from them he could return it if it didn’t fit right. Herb said we could make it fit and with a little modification we did. Now for the Euro Grill Guard there would be no off the shelf item for that.  But that’s not that big if a deal for us. We had one of our fab guy whip one out in no time at all. For a little strength and style we also added some cross supports from the stinger to the grill guard. Mounting the wench went just as easy. We opted to go with a Bulldog 8000lb  winch with synthetic rope and for the mount we cut down Bulldogs CJ/YJ winch plate to fit between the frame rails.

Custm Cross-members

Posted by T&J Performance On May - 17 - 2011
Are you in need of a custom cross-member due to a motor or transmission swap? Well your in luck. T&J Performance has been doing custom fabrication for the past 30 years and specializes in cross-member fabrication. With the amount of motor swaps that a performed here at T&J we have meet e3very challenge thrown at us when it comes to cross-members. Below you can see two of our recent custom jobs. 

Below you can see ho we fit this 4 speed FJ60 transfercase in Matt’s ’71 FJ40.

Here you can see how we fit this Chevy 241 Transfercase out of a 99 Suburban into this Toyota T100.


Front and Rear Suspension System – Off-Road Magazine

Posted by T&J Performance On March - 24 - 2011

We don’t really cover Jeeps too often at OFF-ROAD Magazine. Instead we leave those to our other dirthead magazines, and we hit hard on fullsize trucks and prerunners in our pages. That being said, we cannot deny the absolute beauty of an all-purpose off-road vehicle-no matter what type it is. But if we’re building a Jeep, it’s going to have to be either a fullsize Jeep (FSJ) or a unibody. Classic Cherokees (XJs) with unibodies (or unit bodies) can be found going fast in the dirt, climbing over rocks, and charging through the gnarliest off-road terrains. That’s why it was an easy choice to start on my all-purpose XJ build that I picked up for $400. Last month we concentrated on the Hesco head and other engine modifications and updates that Jeeps R Us made to my non-running Cherokee. Not only did Jeeps R Us get it running again, the crew there also added more power and fuel efficiency to boot.

Read more of this article and see pictures by CLICKING HERE



2005 Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee – Clive Skilton

Posted by T&J Performance On March - 18 - 2011
A Hemi and All-Wheel Drive Pin the Fun Factor Wide Open
From the February, 2009 issue of Off-Road
By Kevin Blumer
Photography by Kevin Blumer

Have you ever been in the midst of a group of Jeep traditionalists? If not, just memorize the phrase “change is bad.” Repeat as necessary until you can be heard saying it in your sleep. You’re now ready for a proper dyed-in-the-flatfender Jeepin’ conversation. To test your Jeepthenticity, keep an eye peeled for a half dozen traditionalists drooling over vintage Jeepin’ iron at a trail event. Take a few mental notes, make a friendly comment or two, and slink away from the traditionalists. It’s time to expand your horizons.

While the Jeep brand is strongly identified with the short-wheelbase, trail-crawlin’ machine that sports the boxy, seven-slot grille, Jeep-branded vehicles have explored and conquered every continent at speeds both high and low. The “go anywhere” heritage means that for a Jeep to be a Jeep, it has to be good at a little of everything.

JeepSpeed founder Clive Skilton is a hand-in-glove fit for the “go anywhere” motto. His racing resume includes 500cc Superbikes, sports car road racing, and NHRA Top Fuel drag racing in addition to many an off-road rally in various corners of the globe. Specifically, those corners include the southern tip of South America in 1995 with a three-Jeep (two Wranglers and one Grand Cherokee) American Racing Wheels World Expedition racing team, and building and racing a Kia Sportage in the 2005 Barcelona to Dakar rally.

Read more of this article and see pictures by CLICKING HERE


[flagallery gid=11 name=”Clive Skilton”]

Jeep J8 Worldwide Trialling

Posted by T&J Performance On March - 17 - 2011

[yframe url=’’]Check out a few Jeep J8’s being put through the motions.



In its ongoing quest to return the Jeep name to its military roots, Chrysler has just put the J8 through ballistic and blast certification. The company says that its using a new manufacturing technique by hot-forming steel to create a protective shell for the vehicle. Sounds fancy, and evidently it’s tough enough to take the kind of abuse necessary to be awarded BRV 2009 VR7 ballistic protection certification. What does all that mean? No matter what your daily commute throws at you, chances are this beefed-up Wrangler will get you to work in one piece.

The J8 is currently being marketed to military, government and private security operations that require the kind of vehicle that can drive through a hail of small-arms fire without getting perforated. There are also a number other configurations available – everything from well-armed patrol vehicles to troop and cargo transports.

by Zach Bowman


1st Place at the Jeepspeed season opener

Posted by T&J Performance On February - 8 - 2011

Tom Barnett and Co-Driver Bruce Kerstner take the win for the 2011 Jeepspeed season opener. Iit was a hard battle at the Blue Water Resort Parker 425 but they managed to pull it off.

Snow Cat Bumpers

Posted by T&J Performance On December - 18 - 2010

You know we have seen a lot of things come through the doors here at T&J but this was a first. A customer had approached us and said he needed some  bumpers installed. Then he said it was on a Snow Cat. Now knowing that there is no real frame to mount a bumper on we said we could do it. So here it is, a Snow Cat with a Rampage TJ Prerunner bumper and a Smitty Built Winch. We also added a custom tubed rear bumper in the mix.

[flagallery gid=9 name=”Gallery”]

CJ3B High Hood Cage – Mitch Jones

Posted by T&J Performance On December - 14 - 2010

Mitch came to us with this beautiful CJ3B to have us install a cage in it. He was in love with a CJ3B that is manufactured by a company named ICON but with a hefty price tag he knew it would be a long time coming. Thats where we came in. One of the things that Mitch loved with the Icon Jeep was the cage. He asked if we could replicate it. We told him that we would need to make some changes but it will still have the same look and feel of his dream Jeep.

[flagallery gid=1 name=”Gallery”]

Project XJ Exo-Cage – Carmen Zangari

Posted by T&J Performance On December - 13 - 2010

Carmen came to us a while back wanting us to do an exo-cage on his XJ. We talked for a while and went over some different ideas and this is what we came up with. A exo-cage with one interior bar behind the driver and passenger seats and one interior bar behind the rear seat. 3 months had passed until we were able to work on the XJ but with good reason. Carmen was busy serving our country in the military. THANKS CARMEN!!!!
His XJ also came back a little different than we had saw it last. He decided that he needed a truck bed in on his rig and proceeded to chop, cut & rebuild his ride.
He took the rear portion of a Jeep Comanche cab and welded it to his Cherokee.  Check it out

Below you can see some of the Exo-Cage build pics.

[flagallery gid=2 name=”Gallery”]

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Posted by T&J Performance

Fitting a Poison Spyder Stinger on a 66 CJ5

Posted by T&J Performance

Custm Cross-members

Posted by T&J Performance

Front and Rear Suspension System – Off-Road Magazine

Posted by T&J Performance

2005 Hemi Jeep Grand Cherokee – Clive Skilton

Posted by T&J Performance

Jeep J8 Worldwide Trialling

Posted by T&J Performance

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