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2007 E350 4WD Van Conversion

We started with a 2007 Stock 12 Person 2WD I-Beam E350 Van and wound up with this beast. After doing a lot of research we found that the U-Joint Offroad road kit was the best on the market and soon after we placed our order for the U-Joint 4″ kit and couldn’t wait to get this kit here. This kit included everything we needed to get our stocker to be a monster.

CK001 Conversion Kit
Front Springs
SK004 Steering Kit
WS001 Rear Wheel Spacers
FS001 Front Shock Mounts
FT001 Fuel Tank Shortening Kit
UB004 Front U-bolts
BL004 Brake Lines
AD001 Rear Add a Leaf
SB001 Sway Bar Links
Bilstein 5100 series shocks front & rear

The kit was a moderate install. We had no welding at all and very little drilling. The components that were supplied were a perfect fit for the stock locations and were made from top notch parts. Each step of this project was as easy as the last and never had us wishing it was designed a different way.

We also added some of our own T&J flair to this build. Including an interior cage and custom drop down gun racks.

We have a lot more instore for this build so keep coming back and checking us out. Future upgrades include:

Custom Roof Rack
Emergency Lighting
Door mount Spot lights

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