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Fitting a Poison Spyder Stinger on a 66 CJ5

So how do you fit a Poison Spyder Stinger on a 1966 CJ5 Tuxedo Park?? Well you Bring it to T&J of course… Our long time customer Herb has been building his CJ for a while now and we have been lucky enough to be doing some work on this classic CJ.

–For you CJ fans out there AMC only made about 350 of this model for a total of 3 years.–

Now Herb has had a dream for this vehicle from the get go and this time it involved a stinger, euro grill guard and a winch. Now being an early CJ5 he knew that finding a stinger for his jeep wouldn’t be easy but the guys a Poison Spyder said if he bought the stinger from them he could return it if it didn’t fit right. Herb said we could make it fit and with a little modification we did. Now for the Euro Grill Guard there would be no off the shelf item for that. But that’s not that big if a deal for us. We had one of our fab guy whip one out in no time at all. For a little strength and style we also added some cross supports from the stinger to the grill guard. Mounting the wench went just as easy. We opted to go with a Bulldog 8000lb winch with synthetic rope and for the mount we cut down Bulldogs CJ/YJ winch plate to fit between the frame rails.

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