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Project XJ Exo-Cage – Carmen Zangari

Carmen came to us a while back wanting us to do an exo-cage on his XJ. We talked for a while and went over some different ideas and this is what we came up with. A exo-cage with one interior bar behind the driver and passenger seats and one interior bar behind the rear seat. 3 months had passed until we were able to work on the XJ but with good reason. Carmen was busy serving our country in the military. THANKS CARMEN!!!!
His XJ also came back a little different than we had saw it last. He decided that he needed a truck bed in on his rig and proceeded to chop, cut & rebuild his ride.
He took the rear portion of a Jeep Comanche cab and welded it to his Cherokee. Check it out below you can see some of the Exo-Cage build pics.
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